How To Skip Welcome To The Task Sequence Wizard In SCCM

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Below I will show you how to skip the welcome to the task sequence wizard when you are deploying a task sequence via SCCM or WDS.

The process is very simple and will only take a minute or two.

Below is the window that we will supress.

How To Skip Welcome To The Task Sequence Wizard In SCCM

How To Skip Welcome To The Task Sequence Wizard

To skip the welcome to the task sequence wizard we need to make a change to the TsmBootstrap.ini file which is located on your DHCP server.

To do this follow these steps

  1. Log on to the DHCP server that your clients pxe boot to
  2. Browse to *:\Boot\SMS\Data  (Usually C:\Boot\SMS\Data)
    file explorer
  3. Open the TsmBootstrap.ini file
  4. By default the unattended variable will be set to false
    edit tsmbootstrap ini
  5. Change the unattended variable to true
    set unattended to true tsmbootstrap ini
  6. Save the file
  7. Now try the task sequence again and the welcome screen will now be supressed

How To Supress When Using USB Bootable Media

If you are using bootable media to boot your clients to the task sequence then use the below steps to supress the welcome screen

  1. Open the SCCM console
  2. Go to \Software Library\Overview\Operating Systems\Task Sequences
  3. Select “Create Task Sequence Media” in the toolbar
    create task sequence media
  4. Select bootable media
  5. Tick the box “Allow unattended operating system deployment”
  6. Click next
    create task sequence media wizard
  7. Select site based media
  8. Click next
    site based media
  9. If you have a USB drive plugged in to the machine select “Removal USB drive”
  10. Other wise click browse next to media file and specify a name for the bootable media
  11. Click next
    specify the media type
  12. If you want to password protect the media tick the box and enter a password
  13. Click next
    security settings for media
  14. For the boot image select “Boot image (x64)”
  15. Select a distribution and management point
  16. Click next
    select the boot image the media
  17. If you want the task sequence to prompt you for a computer name click the sun icon and add the variable OSDComputername
  18. Click Next
    customize the task sequence media
  19. Click next
  20. Click close

Why Keep The Welcome to the Task Sequence Wizard

If you decide to supress the welcome screen then you will lose the option to set a static ip on networks where you do not have DHCP enabled.

Setting static IPs might be needed in certain locations.


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