How To Create SCCM Device Collection Based On Computer Name

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In this article I will show you how to create a device collection in SCCM based on any given computer name.

I will show you how to create based on one computer name, or computer names that start or end with a specific name.

Steps To Create Device Collection Based On Computer Name

To create a device collection based on computer name follow these steps

  1. Open the configuration manager console
  2. Go to \Assets and Compliance\Overview\Device Collections
  3. Click “Create Device Collection” from the toolbar
    create device collection
  4. Give the device collection a good descriptive name
  5. Click browse and select a device collection to use as the limiting collection
  6. Click next
    device collection wizard
  7. Click add rule select Query rule
    define membership
  8. Give the query a name (I recommend to give the same name you give the device collection)
  9. Click Edit Query Statement
    query rule properties
  10. Click the Criteria tab
  11. Click the Sun icon
    query statement properties
  12. On the Criterion properties screen click select
  13. For Attribute class select “System Resource”
  14. For Attribute select “NetBIOS Name”
  15. Click ok
    criterion properties
  16. If you want to enter one computer name select operator “is equal to” then enter the computer name in the value field
  17. If you want to enter more than one computer name select “is like” and use % as a wildcard, so below will include any machine that starts with “WINDOWS10”
    query rule contains computername
  18. Click ok
  19. Click ok
  20. Click ok
  21. Click Next
  22. Click Next
  23. Click Close

If you plan to use wildcards to include devices in your device collection take a look at this article I wrote about that.

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